Fix – iCloud error “Repair the iCloud Control Panel to use iCloud with Outlook.”

If you have recently upgraded your iCloud Control Panel version to v2 (Which was released on September 19th) on Windows 7 or Vista, you might have been coming across an error saying “Repair the iCloud Control Panel to use iCloud with Outlook.” on iCloud Control Panel. It gives you the option to repair the iCloud installation from Programs and Features, but it does not seems to be fixing the problem so here is the tip for you.

iCloud Control Panel v2

iCloud Control Panel v2

If you are using Outlook 2007/2010 in order to sync your iCloud content, you might also receive an error message saying “The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.

iCloud Outlook Error

iCloud Outlook Error

Reinstalling the iCloud Control Panel does not seem to fix the problem either. Apple has mentioned that they are investigating the issue (, but here is a workaround you could try.

1. Exit Outlook if you still have it open, and make sure not to open it until the following steps are done

2. Open iCloud and click ‘Sign Out’

3. Go to Control Panel>Programs and Features, locate iCloud and uninstall it

4. Download iCloud Control Panel version 1.1 at and install it

5. Sign in to iCloud with your credentials

6. Select the iCloud content that you need to be synced with Outlook and sync them up.

That’s basically it buddy! Hope Apple releases an official patch soon.

Hope it works!

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  • Jill

    You are my hero! I have been struggling with this since Apple released the new version of iCloud. Thanks!

    • primal1991

      Anytime! Glad it worked! ^_^

      • kazeem

        hello pls im having a problem istalling icloud on my window 7 with office 2007 laptop. the problem is outlook error

        • Primal

          Hi, could you please tell us the specific error message you are receiving?

  • Tatyana

    omg… thank you sooo much. its working!!!

  • Mike

    it worked for me !!

  • Terri

    THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! Worked for me & was easy to do!!

  • Charlie

    Awesome man.. Well dome…
    Thank you…

  • Ssamm

    I followed the suggestions and the installation of the older version seemed to go ok. but when I tried to set up a sync for contacts or calendars & tasks, I get a message from Outlook setup for icloud: ‘Your setup couldn’t be started because of an unexpected error’. Photostream seemed to work.
    Any suggestions appreciated?

    • Primal

      Hello, what is the Outlook version, and the operating system you are using?

      • Ssamm

        Hi I am using Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 Home Premium, Version 6.1, 64 bit. Regards

        • Primal

          Okay, here are a few things we can try.

          - Have you tried running iCloud as an administrator? If not, try it first
          - Or, sign out of iCloud, and then try repairing the iCloud Control Panel through Programs and Features.

          In case the above methods doesn’t work, we can try reinstalling it (Make sure to keep Outlook closed until the following steps are completed)

          - Sign out of iCloud and remove the program from Programs and Features. (It will ask you to remove the current data in Outlook, select Yes)
          - Restart the computer
          - Download iCloud v1.1 again, and run the setup as an administrator.
          - Once the installation is complete, open iCloud and sign in with your credentials.
          - Try syncing your iCloud content and check whether it works.

  • Jessica

    This worked! Thank you so much!

  • Pepperfly

    Question about step 3… just uninstall the plugin, or also remove current data in Outlook? I’m inclined to do the later, as I’ll be able to sync clean, but wondering if it really matters anyway? Thanks for the clarification.

    • Primal

      Hi, You can simply uninstall the app and reinstall since it really doesn’t make any difference to the data file. But if you would like to delete Outlook data, it is recommended to take acomplete backup (copy the relevant PST file) of your Outlook-iCloud datafile before proceeding. Please comment if you need further assistance. Thanks.

  • Yellerseller

    bless you. this fixed it!

  • Sue

    Thanks so much, it works!

  • barsa01

    Hi, my problem is that iCloud 2.1.1 and previous versions (not sure about 1.1) is preventing Outlook 2007 from sending emails from all emails accounts (.me, yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc) AND prevents Outlook from shutting down when I quit the client (Receiving mail works fine). I have to go to Task Manager and kill the process or I cant restart Outlook. When I diasable iCloud for Mail etc, everything works again as before. Problem is that I now have mail from senders on .me that I cant access from my Vista PC. Will a roll back to iCloud 1.1 fix this? Will I lose any data?

  • Linesh

    Thanks man, you’re great :D

  • MrT

    Thanks so much – that fixed my issue too. isn’t it a shame that microsoft and Apple won’t talk to each other to fix this.. anyway I’m working again now on the old icloud panel and I won’t be upgrading it until they release a new one that works!



    • Primal

      Thanks and glad it worked. Yes, hopefully, they would come up with a patch that interacts better with the two programs. Will keep you updated!

  • AnRan

    I found this website out of no where and all I can say this THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • carmell60

    Well I have office 2013 and icloud 3.0 with windows 8.1 here is the error message I get outlook setup your setup couldn’t be started because of an unexpected error. any ideas