• shandev

    Go into the Advanced Security Settings (right click on folder >
    properties > security > ) for the C:UsersDefault folder and
    checking the box to “Replace all child object permission with
    inheritable permissions from this object”. Fixed
    it for me after everything else failed. If you can’t see the folder, make sure Hidden files/folders are enabled. that worked for me when i tried everything else. Im on windows 7, though.

    • pitbull911

      This worked for me when the users profile would not show up in the registry.

  • imran

    This doesn’t work with windows 8. I don’t have an admin account, can someone please help me???? :(

    • mudithac

      From Windows 8 onwards, the F8 key isn’t doing any good. You will need the installation DVD of your Windows 8 version to access Advanced Startup Menu. Boot up the computer from the DVD and you’ll be able to recover your computer.

      Muditha Chathuranga

  • a___h___e___a___d

    This worked for me. Thank you.

  • A

    This worked perfectly! Thank you!!! And thanks for your “dumbed-down” explanation. It was very clear and precise!

  • http://www.facebook.com/anders.bjorkman1 Anders Björkman

    Thanks a lot. It worked for me too and saved me a lot of worry.

  • keny

    It wont let me rename .bak file to b

  • Roger

    Great stuff..Worked like a charm. Although i feel the description from step 4-6 was a bit confusing. hope you can fix that.

  • Jeff

    When I select the “SAFE MODE WITH COMMAND PROMPT” press the “ENTER” key it does not give me a C:, it goes to Wndows login.

  • davis

    When I try F8 for safe mode (yes, I’m repeatedly pressing as soon as the computer is turned on), it just keeps going to “start windows” and then up comes my sign-in spot over and over. Any suggestions as to another way to get to safe mode?